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Questions about hypnosis

Questions about hypnosis

1. I don't know if I can be hypnotized....

All hypnosis is, to a large degree, self hypnois. A person who does not want to be hypnotized cannot be hypnotized. A person that wants to be hypnotized can be hypnotized. As long as one follow the instructions and avoids adding side chatter in his or her head, hypnosis will occur. Many people feel that they have not been hypnotized, when in fact they are experiencing a level of hypnosis that is light to medium. Suggestions work no matter what level of hypnosis you experience. You don't have to be in a "trance." In fact, most of the time peoples' eyes are not actually spinning around like black and white spirals!

2. Will I lose control during a session?

You do not surrender yourself or your mind to the hypnotist nor do you lose control. You can't be hypnotize to do something against your will, and you cannot be hypnotized or induced to do or say anything which violates your personal standards of behavior, integrity, or moral character.

3. Will I be asleep?

Hypnosis is not about sleep as we usually use the term. Hypnotic "sleep" is not the same as the restful state we achieve when we sleep at night. We use the word "sleep" in hypnosis because the person looks as if they are sleeping. However, the goal is for the client to remain conscious yet relaxed during hypnosis. In that way, the mind is comfortably awake and can take in the suggestions given by the hypnotist. Don’t expect to go to sleep or lose touch with reality.

4. I don't think I was hypnotized. I know and heard every thing you said.

You don’t lose your hearing or memory when you are hypnotized. During hypnosis, you are fully aware of communication. Hypnosis is often considered an altered state of consciousness in which you actually become hyper-aware and very focussed on tha task at hand.

5. Will I be able to talk or move?

You are in complete control during hypnosis. You can think, act, talk, and open your eyes at any time and will be able to respond verbally or by body signals.

6. If I am thinking of something else during a session, will hypnosis still work?

It is quite common to find your mind drifting or wandering while in hypnosis. That is OK! Communication is still going on with the subconscious mind which does not wander. The subconscious mind, the realm of the hypnotist, hears an stores everything.

7. I am strong-willed. Can I still be hypnotized?

The more strong-willed, intelligent, and imaginative you are, the better subject you will likely be. As long as you can follow instructions and are willing to play along, you can be hypnotize. Hypnosis is a co-operative effort of mutual respect.

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