Bill Anapoell, MD

Stage Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy


Quotes "The show was fantastic. ...So cool. Our Music program thanks you!!!" Quotes
Madonna O.
Pt. Loma High School Music Program Fundraiser

Quotes "...He was the entertainment for our Christmas Party this year and had the room rolling in laughter. I highly recommend him!!" Quotes
Event coordinator

Quotes Thank you so much for the hypnosis show. It was hilarious and people loved it!! Quotes
Christmas holiday party coordinator

Quotes I work as a clinical pharmacist ... for 25.4 years (Pharm.D.) ... your hypnosis is [more] powerful than drugs ! Quotes
Pharmacist (a follow up testimonial)

Quotes I have always been very skeptical about hypnosis. In fact, many years ago, a hypnotist told me I could not be hypnotized. Well, one day I overheard Dr. Anapoell speaking about hypnosis. I asked him if he could try it out on me and he asked why I needed it. I had a big move for school approaching and graduate school is overwhelming. I wanted to ensure I would be a serious student again, get rid of doubt, anxiety and go with it. After I came out of what felt like a deep relaxing sleep, I felt renewed and motivated. I'm happy to report since then I have started school and I am off to a great start! Thank You!! Quotes
Motivated Student

Quotes One day at work, I was suffering from a TERRIBLE headache. Dr Anapoell made disappear in a few minutes. It was amazing! Later, I tried feeling the headache if it will show again; but a few hours later and a few days later the headache never came back. Maybe, I 'll never ever get a headache again! Quotes
Jet T.

Quotes I have suffered from insomina for years and have tried numerous remedies. Dr. A cd for sleeping is the only thing that has worked. I am now falling asleep quickly and easily. Thanks Dr. A. Quotes
Peggy Mora

Quotes I was recently introduced to hypnosis by Dr. Anapoell and was not even sure it would help. I have been suffering from severe PTSD, anxiety, depression lack of energy and separation anxiety. Since my session I feel great and so calm every time I feel the anxiety coming I rub my fingers together and it's an instant ease... This is amazing and feel so much in tune with myself and my emotions. I can enjoy being in the present!! Quotes
Michelle N
Satisfied student

Quotes I was one of the participants in the group hypnosis session you recently did in Del Mar . Even though there were 30 of us getting hypnotized at the same time, I felt like you were speaking directly to me. What an amazing experience. Thank you. Quotes
Tony R.
Hospital Administration

Quotes I wasn't really sure I believed in hypnosis at first, but now I can't imagine how I lived without it. I sleep like a baby every night! Quotes
Physical Therapist