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Quotes Thank you so much for entertaining us at our friend's 50th Birthday Party. Everyone at the party was truly amazed and thoroughly amused by how you were able to get some of the the guest s to become stars of the show. If you are reading this testimonial, please look no further, just hire Dr.Bill, sit back and enjoy a riotous evening - you will be thoroughly entertained!! Quotes
Raj Patel

Quotes ...I am copying ...VP of Sales who overseas sales and marketing for Southern CA. I've shared with him the work you have done with Aetna last year at the Member Meeting and how well received it was....Your presentation was very educational, interactive and entertaining! :) Quotes
Aetna Health Care

Quotes Bill, Thank you so much! Best show EVER at CCA! The timing was perfect. The kids LOVED every minute of it! Quotes
Jen F.

Quotes Thank you so much for being our Center Stage Event this year! We are so glad to have you back! Quotes
Jen F.

Quotes Dear Dr Anapoell: Greeting! Happy Chinese New Year! I really enjoy your CD, I listen it everyday , it works! Truly grateful! Thank you very much for giving it to me, it is the best new year gift I got. Be well and happy! Respectully, RT Quotes

Quotes Hello Dr.Bill, This is Ellie, V's mom. I just wanted to share with you my pleasant surprise of what hypnosis can do. I honestly did not have much expectations, or rather did not know what to expect. V was funny after the session, I had some laugh with her. I had my sweet girl (just like before teen age) for several days - very mellow, sweet, happy (smiling a lot more), and confident. Even her little sister couldn't believe her eyes (and she wanted to be hypnotized). Well, that has changed since but I can still feel V relaxing and not worrying all the time. V says she uses the"magic", and it works every time. I am not sure if she'll send you an email but she really loved it, and still does, she is in control. I want to say big "Thank you" for showing V she can be strong. Quotes
Ellie K.

Quotes "...You have powers, and skills far beyond the average hypnotist! Dare2Fail! You make me proud Bill Anapoell." Quotes
Justin T.

Quotes Hi this is Kendall I just wanted to let you know that my SAT went very well on Saturday. I was extremely focused and calm which is very unlike me so I am quite relieved. ...just the knowledge that I had a title something extra to help me if I needed it was what made me feel so secure when the time came. Thank you so much for everything. Quotes

Quotes Will you please let Bill know that Kinneret took her ACT today and she said "I'm not sure how I did, but hypnotherapy helped me so much to stay calm and focused." I have tears in my eyes....Thank you!! Quotes
Jaya F.

Quotes I agree that this year's show seemed to be the best one yet. I am already getting some great feedback from the kids.... Quotes
Marielle Bravo-Saltzman
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