Dr. Bill's Comedy Hypnosis
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Bill Anapoell, MD will utilize a unique blend of rapid hypnotic techniques, neurolinguistic programming, and medical science to help bring you into trance.

My comedy stage shows are

great for high school 

Grad Nights, Post-Prom 

parties, private get-

togethers, corporate events,

and college welcome 


My training in hypnosis has taken me across the US, where I have had the opportunity to use DirectIndirect, and rapid Impromptu methods of inducing trance. 

With Direct hypnosis, people are aware that hypnosis is happening to them. 

With Indirect hypnosis, trance is induced in a subtle fashion during conversation such that people often go into trance with their eyes wide open while still conversing.  

During Impromptu Street Hypnosis, people drop into hypnosis within seconds.  I have enjoyed performing this style of hypnosis on Fremont Street in Las Vegas many times. 

I have also trained as a comedy stage hypnotist and have enjoyed performing throughout California in multiple venues.